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About the blackstar.STUDIO

  • Who we are, what we do and what our future holds

    Labyrinth pictures hanging on a wall.With a modern vision of access for all that is art... for everyone :-)

The concept

Our aim and ideals are to provide a service for displaying, marketing and selling creative artwork in all formats. We want to move away from some of the stereotypical art gallery formats and create uninhibited environments without barriers providing an informal yet professional approach for exhibitors and buyers. In other words, a very down to earth platform without snobbery and giving everyone an equal chance to get their creative work seen. Many creative people struggle to get public exposure for many reasons and there is so much talent in the world which goes unseen. We are here to make a significant change. Steve Stachini (the founder of this project) has spent most of his life in commercial art and design, and it has been an ambition and passion of his to provide such a service as the blackstar.STUDIO dedicating his efforts more towards the new, up and coming, undiscovered artists, whilst encouraging community projects. Though based in Gandia, Valencia the aim is to take this project to a global audience, especially with tools such as the internet and social media. In order to make this project a true success, we have to rely on donations, sponsors and naturally public support as well as shop sales. A percentage of all sales are regenerated back into the studio to ensure it's longevity.

The exhibitors

Our studio and online shop has an open policy with regards to individual exhibits and artwork submissions. Anyone can enter their work into any of our open exhibits or they can have a whole exhibition for themselves. We operate on an individual needs basis and provide everyone with online exposure via the website and Facebook along with links, profile information and more.

The projects

If you are an individual, a school, college or university student, club or group, or even an organisation, we are sure to be able to assist with gaining exposure for your project. We are open to ideas and suggestions, competitions and charity fund raisers. Whatever your requirements, all you need to do is contact us and ask, we are always pleased to offer our help.
In exchange we agree terms with the exhibitor for arranging sales of prints online and aim to keep any costs to a minimum. Digital works of art can be submitted at any time for sale online and we can even do all the printing in order to exhibit within the studio.

The future

Steve Stachini standing against a wall.
The blackstar.STUDIO project has been one year in the making, working tirelessly every day and night (literally). For it's founder Steve Stachini, as well as the artistic exposure for all, the importance is maintaining it's sustainability which is why we require every little bit of support from all areas. Future expansion plans have already been mapped out but as everything in life, is dependent on funding. Spacer 560 white 1px There is no doubt that this level of commitment to our services and contribution to the art world will prove to be of huge (possibly life changing) benefit to all the unknown creative talents out there. We foresee longevity creating a platform of which to build upon. Ultimately, Steve wishes to build an artistic legacy and his daughter Kellie Stachini has been involved since day one taking the role of Curator.
  • Are you looking to invest in a worthy cause?
  • Are you looking to exhibit but need some help?
  • Does your school have an art project to display?
  • Does your community want to share their project?
  • Struggling to get your work seen and recognised?
  • Struggling to gain any exposure and publicity?

We'd love to hear from you.

Other bespoke services we offer...
Ever liked the idea of having a whole wall covered with images of your choice, or even a whole room? Would you like to have your vehicle or yacht transformed and personalised on a grand scale? Do you wish you could change the look of your precious photographic memories and create something stunning? We can do all this and much more at any size! With over twenty years experience in large format graphic imaging and vinyl technology. And what's more is that we offer a unique worldwide design and installation service second to none. Contact us for more information.
Wedding photo editing at the blackstar studio
Wall wrap mural at the blackstar studio
Wall wrapping mural at the blackstar studio
Chrome car wrap available from the blackstar studio
Yacht vinyl hull wrap by the blackstar studio Steve Stachini offers a unique, quality, professional, personal, worldwide service...

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Your donation will help assist artists to gain recognition and exposure, and art projects to come to fruition. Every penny counts so please support us in what ever way possible.

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