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Please contact us if you would like to exhibit and/or sell your work online.

Exhibit with us and get more than just a show

  • Many benefits from people who care about you and your work

    We work hard to give you the best exposure with full marketing tools.

It couldn't be easier

At the blackstar.STUDIO we believe that everyone's requirements differ, so in order to accommodate, we have no fixed rules, itinerary, agenda or protocol, just a simple guide and helpful, passionate people who care about you and your creativity. You will feel at ease and comfortable discussing your exhibit needs with us. We can arrange for one day only shows through to exhibits lasting for weeks.
Everything is tailor made to suit you and there are no complicated contracts, legalities or bureaucracy. The intentions are simple: to display your work in the most convenient manor with minimal cost, and to predominantly gain as much exposure, recognition and sales for you, whether you are an art student or an already established creator or designer.

Need more information? - then simply contact us, we are here to help

Traveling from far?

Not a problem! We can assist with sourcing recommended accommodation, we can take receipt of your goods if they are being shipped, and we can provide you with 24hr access to the studio for preparation work. We are also on hand at any time to assist with anything for the duration of your exhibit.

Can't attend your own exhibit?

Not a problem! We can take care of the whole event on your behalf and act as your trustees. We only ask that you are available via telephone at all times. Again we can oversee the shipping of your items before and after the event and provide you with regular updates. Your work is in safe hands.

Only have digital artwork?

Not a problem! We have high quality large format digital imaging equipment and can print on an array of print media substrates. With over twenty years experience in this field, we are professionals and quality is paramount. Simple supply us with your files and all your relevant instructions.
So how does the studio earn money?
There are a variety of ways to negotiate how the studio can earn from the exhibitor. For example, a simple one off agreed price, an agreed commission on sales or allowing us to professionally photograph your work in order to sell as canvas reprints where the exhibitor also earns from every sale, just to mention a few. As we have said before, we treat every exhibitor with the individual respect of which they deserve and therefore every every event brings with it it's own negotiated scenario.

The one thing you can be certain of is that at the blackstar.STUDIO we always have your best interests at heart.

How is it publicised?

We take care of all website and regular Facebook publicity as well as a degree of local publicity. We can arrange more local announcements and awareness at minimal charge if required. We also ensure that a professional photographer attends at least once during the event and we are happy to provide you with copies of all photographs. In addition, we have at least one vehicle driving around locally displaying details of the event prior to the event date and during the exhibit.

What will it cost?

The main advertising as described is all taken care of by ourselves at no extra charge. There is a small fee for the studio and is dependent upon the event itself (duration, requirements, special requests etc.) and and whatever we negotiate with you direct, though we ensure that it is as little as possible. Naturally, you can spend as much as you like and we can cater for any budget requirements. However, our aim is to maximise your exposure and potential sales in the most cost effective way.

Are sales guaranteed?

Sadly no :-( It is impossible to absolutely guarantee sales as we cannot discern individual tastes in what you exhibit. However, the likelihood is that yes you will sell something, if not during the event, then afterwards with continued publicity which we take care of. Even when your show ends, our work continues on your behalf to try and gain sales for you. Your work is catalogued on our website forever as reference and for potential sales. The work of our studio is a lifetime commitment.

And remember... every exhibitor has a permanent listing on our website, along with a profile information page on the artist and links to their own website, social media etc.