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CHAXIE Art from Uganda at the blackstar.STUDIO

  • Genuine African Art by CHAXIE

    Chaxie Art Logo Charity Namiyonga by blackstar STUDIOA rare collection in Europe by CHAXIE

About the exposé...

Africa Comes To Europe! CHAXIE Art has teamed up with the blackstar.STUDIO and is not only on display but also available for sale via our online shop. Displaying CHAXIE's series 1-3 with exciting news of more works of art to come exclusively via our studio as Steve Stachini is the sole agent for all CHAXIE Art and all future related products. See why this style of African art suits all environments.

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Chaxie Art Charity Namiyonga by blackstar STUDIO
From the heart of Uganda not far from the capital Kampala, Charity Priscilla Namiyonga expresses her passion for creativity both through her art and fashion design. With authenticity and patriotism for the history and lifestyle of Africa she displays a range of subjects with such blended colouring on canvas using acrylics.

With the assistance of the blackstar.STUDIO, her work is now being exhibited and sold throughout Europe. Original works by CHAXIE are available for sale as well as limited edition digital canvas prints. All of her work sold is accompanied with documented certification and proof of authenticity and origin.

Living, working and creating out of Uganda and Spain.

The Artist

CHAXIE is the signed artist name of Charity Namiyonga who was born in the heart of Uganda. Working mainly with acrylic paints she creates expressions of African life with favoured musical inspirations and ideals of the land, patriotism and heritage.

CHAXIE Art is very saleable and compliments any environment with it's themed blend of colouring, distinctive African style and choice of subject matter.

The Designer

The Designer Ji-ai Fashion House is the brand name born out of Charity's passion for women's fashion. Creating authentic original designs combining the true African spirit with modern western influences. Producing one off designs as well as production items.
About Charity Pricilla Namiyonga founder of Ji-ai Fashion House

Ji-ai designs are affordable and range in style from the most elegant to out fits for every day wear, from stunning to casual. Find out more at

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