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#JBOP - The Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme is trying to organise one of the most ambitious creative African art events from the communal collaboration of over thirty young talented Ugandans, culminating in a display of over one thousand modern, authentic pieces of African art. From paintings, handmade jewellery and crafted expressional pieces to fashion design, all created with local products and the passion of African tradition. A project never before done and never before seen! We want to tour this community of creative Ugandan talent in the UK and possibly the US in order to exhibit some of the modern art forms of Africa as well as changing lives by means of exposure through shows, events, festivals and gallery exhibitions. We would also like to follow the story and the story of these African artists by creating a documentary film or mini series. All designed with the ultimate goal to set up a studio of African excellence in Uganda and to serve as a vehicle for exposure and marketing new creative talent globally.
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How can you help?

In order to achieve such life changing events we are seeking assistance with a whole variety of necessary requirements from corporate or private sponsorship, patronage, donations and practical resources. There is an area for everyone to help support our project, so please take a look at the list below, see which category best suits your ability to assist, and make a difference! Project requirements:
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Our target for the JBOP.Africa project is €100,000+ in donations, sponsorship and services.

Project Origin

My name is Steve Stachini, a somewhat off the wall creative person and in 2015 I evaluated my life and decided to break away from my commercial art to concentrate on a personal project, that of creating not just David Bowie art but also setting up an art studio to assist new creative talent from all walks of life. It was a project which took more than one year and was fraught with battles and challenges, and before completion there was the untimely passing of my inspirational idol of whom I was hoping would one day see this tribute that I had dedicated in his name, but it was not to be. I urge you to read the story of the blackstar.STUDIO written by Adam Cornford the great, great grandson of Charles Darwin and demonstrates the many events which can only be described as serendipitous to my circumstance and way of thinking: /story The story has accompanying images and short videos.

Continuing a bizarre string of life events I was drawn to Uganda where I have spent many months. Like the world over, I have always had a passion for African art, however, within a short space of time it was clear to see as a Westerner, not just how much creative artistic talent there is in Uganda but also the plight of each individuals struggle to gain achievement, reward and recognition from their efforts. To compound this, I discovered first hand just how many funded organisations supposedly set up to offer assistance to the arts, are actually only out to exploit Ugandan creative artists, providing nothing but false promises as well as adding costs to the already struggling individuals.
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Project Justification

Disgraced and appalled at the exploitation of Artists, Fashion Designers, Craft and Jewellery makers, I teamed up Charity Namiyonga from the Ji-ai Fashion House an equally struggling designer in Kampala and we devised a realistic concept to genuinely assist some creative Ugandan talent. We titled the group #JBOP the Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme. After building up some social media interest, we ran a Facebook competition where the winners would receive their own exhibition at the blackstar.STUDIO in Valencia Spain. The response was amazing and as a result we have more than thirthy #JBOP members. My role is to help market these individuals online and try to gain them sales and outlets in Europe and the US. I also intend to turn the entrance of my studio into a dedicated African shop and am continually trying to develop ways and means to assist these young creatives who have so much potential.

From one of the poorest countries on the planet is an ever emerging cycle of creativity which the world generally chooses to either ignore or exploit. The Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme not only recognises that it’s time for change, but we are committed to it’s success. Over the years there have been celebrities from music, TV and movie circles who have helped tour groups of African performers and we want to do the same for artists.
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Project Rewards

There is nothing more rewarding than being recognised for ones creative work. The initial members of JBOP Africa are modern pioneers and mentors for others to aspire towards. These creatives put as much hard work, passion, time, energy and money into their art as any other artist does. The current difference is that within their own country the market is limited and the chance of external exposure is next to non existent. However African art is appreciated worldwide and with the assistance of such a project their chances of sales and recognition will not only open new doors and opportunities, but will literally change their lives.

These are very patriotic, talented individuals steeped in traditional values which is to be commended from their generation. In 1950 Uganda’s population was only 5 million, and today is over 40 million, of which 50% represent the youth of today. Creativity and tradition seems to be in their DNA with an explosive crescendo in the arts, offering authentic pieces of work with a modern Western twist. There is a place in the world for Ugandan culture, beliefs, history, identity and traditional preservation… and it is all here, wrapped up in the JBOP community, ready for the world to see, appreciate and respect, setting the benchmark for generations to come.
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Project Objectivity

Though orchestrated by the blackstar.STUDIO, this project is essentially one of comradery and a native African community that represents the start of a new artistic era. It is therefore crucial to keep the momentum and engrain longevity which we propose in the form of opening a JBOP Studio of Excellence in Kampala offering mentored workshops, inspirational events and of course the gateway to global exposure and international exhibitions. However, the first step is to complete phase one and tour the current JBOP members whilst simultaneously raising awareness and funding for the ongoing and future objective of launching the first JBOP Studio in Uganda which will serve as the catalyst for continued prosperity and assistance for authentic African art.

If you feel safe in the area you’re working in, you’re not working in the right area. Always go a little further into the water than you feel you’re capable of being in. Go a little bit out of your depth… And when you don’t feel that your feet are quite touching the bottom, you’re just about in the right place to do something exciting.

David Bowie (on art)

Help change lives...

Please help to support this life changing project. There are many ways for everyone to assist, from the smallest of donations to full sponsorship, funding or practical help. Contact us today, tell how you can help and be part of the new African art revolution. Thank you...
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