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John Cornford 27/12/1915 – 28/12/1936

  • Great-grandson of Charles Darwin - Remembered...

    "English poet who died while fighting the Spanish Civil War at Lopera."

About the exposé...

Art, film, poetry and images to celebrate the life and honor the death of International Brigader John Cornford accompanied with some Darwin family history and intrigue into this Spanish Civil War journalist, writer and poet. Brought to you by John Cornford's nephew Adam Cornford.

About John Cornford

80 years ago, in 1936, General Francisco Franco with other military leaders launched a coup against the Republic and the popularly elected government of Spain. Because the coup was blocked in the middle of the country, a civil war began. In this situation, volunteer combatants from several other countries began to travel in Spain to fight in defense of the republic and against the fascists. One of the first of these was Englishman John Cornford, bis-grandson of Charles Darwin, at the age of 20 and a brilliant poet, writer, and organizer. Like George Orwell, John fought on the Aragon front as a POUM militiaman, and then returned to England to recruit more fighters for the newly organized International Brigades. Upon his return to Spain by Alicante and Valencia in September, Juan participated in the defense of Madrid. He was killed at the Battle of Lopera on December 28, the day after his 21st birthday.
"His body, like those of his comrades who also fell in the Spanish Civil War, has never been found..."

Adam Cornford Discusses His Uncle

John Cornford was the great grandson of Charles Darwin and the first Englishman to go to Spain to Fight Fascism in the Spanish Civil War. His nephew Adam explains a little about John before reading John's SCW poems. The venue is Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach. Special thanks to Richard Modiano and Michael C Ford.

Galloway on John Cornford

George Galloway talks John Cornford on BBC Radio. Matthew Parris presents the biographical series in which his guests choose someone who has inspired their lives. George Galloway chooses British poet and political activist John Cornford, who died at the age of 21 fighting fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

Finding John Cornford...

Modern Intrigue
Find out what connects John Cornford to George Orwell and David Bowie via the link of the Spanish Civil War.
Cornford Love
Discover why John Cornford's poem to his love Margot Heinemann is so internationally critically acclaimed.
Fight or Flight
Why in modern times are there disputes with Darwin descendants and Carcanet Press over John's work?
And so the John Cornford story continues as there is soon to launch an independent website created by a modern enthusiast detailing John's life, love and works as well as trying to highlight the many injustices and unanswered questions. Follow us on Facebook for the latest news and updates.

Loma Saso

Short documentary adaptation of life in the trenches at Tierz in September of 1936, when the Republican side controlled the position against the revolted military that dominated Montearagón, in a fight to dominate the strategic passage of the Straits Fifth. In parallel, the British character John Cornford is portrayed, who, led by a romantic impulse, became the first Englishman to cross the border to fight in defense of the Republic.

Full Moon at Tierz

Jane Bernal reads John Cornford's poem, 'Full Moon at Tierz: Before the Storming of Huesca' in the location it was written in 1936 - in the Quinto Trenches. The trenches overlook the valley - "the glacial wall" in the poem - and the town of Tirez with city of Huesca further away, and the Pyrenees mountains in the distance. In this poem John Cornford confronts his paradoxical fusion of solidarity and solitude on the front lines.
John Cornford questions unanswered...
Help us raise the profile of John Cornford and his work. For such a notable writer and descendant of the great Charles Darwin, for some reason despite John's work being taught and discussed in universities worldwide, the UK seems to not celebrate him in any commemorative way. In fact many articles on John Cornford seem to be suppressed. Why?

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