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Mukalazi Art from Uganda at the blackstar.STUDIO

  • Genuine African Art by Mukalazi

    #JBOP Julius Mukalazi Intro by blackstar STUDIOAuthentic Originals and Limited Edition Prints by Mukalazi

About the exposé...

#JBOP Brings Uganda To Europe! Julius Mukalazi has teamed up with the Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme and is not only on display but also available for sale via our online shop. Displaying Julius's work with exciting news of more items to come exclusively via our studio as Ji-ai blackstar are the sole European agents for all Mukalazi Art and all future related products. See why this style of African art suits all environments.

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Mukalazi Julius Profile
Using such materials such as Back Cloth which was once used by the ancestors of Uganda for clothing, Julius also uses Jinja Cloth, Dyes and Acrylics to create Batiks which has become his trademark. Many of his works are not mounted though some of Julis's art is also created on traditional framed canvas.

A talented artist with a passion for what he sees in wildlife and ordinary people's lives as well as from the authentic history of Uganda. There is much more to see in the full size art pieces and naturally every piece tells a story.
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Batiks Using Genuine Jinja Cloth, Back Cloth, Dyes and Acrylics.

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Latest Updates from Mukalazi

There is much more to be displayed here from Julius Mukalazi which shall be coming soon along with his online shop and photos from his forth coming first ever European exhibition.

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