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Please contact us if you would like to exhibit and/or sell your work online.

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By now you no doubt have an idea of what the aims and aspirations are for our studio and it's related projects. We are actively seeking funding, sponsorship or investment to ensure sustainability. Money is always the best way to assist projects like ours, but not always the only way, maybe you have a service or products which could be donated. There are many forms of sponsorship and we appreciate any assistance or ideas so please feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you.

It's a two way street

We appreciate that sponsors naturally expect something in return and quite right too. We are happy to promote our sponsors as much as possible and we are not restricted to how much advertising or size of advertising space (within reason) which we can offer on our website, Facebook, within the studio and on our printed marketing material. We don't just want advertisers, we want sponsors with a genuine interest to join us in our vision. Your support can open doors to creative minds.
    • Multiple website adverts
    • Internet links as required
    • Wall space within the studio
    • Inclusion on all publications
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    • Events sponsored by...
    • Facebook posts and more!
Everything is up for negotiation...
There is no upper or lower limit that we require and we are happy to negotiate all potentials sponsors on an individual basis. No matter how large or small your contribution may be, every little helps. If you are not in a position to sponsor us, then please consider a donation. Our development strategy for marketing will ensure the expansion of our website and social media growth. Only certain things endure history, and art is one of them. So become part of history and help support our 'art for all policy' at the blackstar.STUDIO

So contact us - be part of the new art revolution!

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Your donation will help assist artists to gain recognition and exposure, and art projects to come to fruition. Every penny counts so please support us in what ever way possible.

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Shop online and a percentage of every sale is regenerated into the running of our studio and art projects. We ship worldwide, selling originals and prints both framed and unframed.

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Become a sponsor and your business will receive online advertising and promotions on this site, Facebook and within our studio, along with links and free changeable adverts.

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