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The Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme dedicated to Uganda

  • Bringing the creative talent of Uganda to Europe

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The Pride of Uganda from The Pearl of Africa

Charity and Steve, owners and founders of Ji-ai Fashion House and the blackstar.STUDIO respectfully, joined forces to offer a real opportunity for the creative people of Uganda. Working as a team with patriotic passion and pride!

Tired of witnessing the countries exploitation and never ending false promises and false hope given by a number of supposed organisations, the #JBOP Group was formed with the investment of time, money and energy to assist Uganda talent with real prospects.

We aim to give each creative person from Uganda a chance to exhibit, plus some display space within our retail shop, a dedicated web page, an online shop page of their own, online marketing, promotions and more. We want to provide these artists, designers and creators the freedom to fly, and ultimately earn money and recognition for their skills and creative talent.


Chaxie Art Charity Namiyonga by blackstar STUDIO Read more - Now Showing
Fashion Designer / Artist

Joyceline Asio

Joyceline Asio by blackstar STUDIO Read more - Now showing
Jewellery Designer / Crafts

Julius Mukalazi

#JBOP Julius Mukalazi by blackstar STUDIO Read more - Now Showing
Authentic Artist

Mbuga Kizito

Mbuga Kizito by blackstar STUDIO Read more - Now Showing
Caricaturist / Cartoonist
#JBOP Ji-ai blackstar STUDIO Exhibit Sept 2017 01 660
#JBOP Ji-ai blackstar STUDIO Exhibit Sept 2017 02 660
#JBOP Ji-ai blackstar STUDIO Exhibit Sept 2017 03 660
#JBOP Ji-ai blackstar STUDIO Exhibit Sept 2017 04 660

More #JBOP Exhibits Planned for 2018 with new Ugandan creatives

We anticipate more creatives joining the #JBOP project and we are working hard both in Europe and Uganda to provide the access to global markets. Please contact us if you would like to stock any products or if you would like to assist in displaying authentic African works in your shop or gallery. Charity and Steve live and work in both countries and are constantly looking for investors and sponsors for the Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme which has been dubbed as a breath of fresh air with genuine excitement and is such a worthy cause with longevity for all involved.
Are you from Uganda? Do you design or create?
Why not join the #JBOP Team and take advantage of all we have to offer and you could be exhibiting in Europe at the blackstar.STUDIO as well. We have plans to open a fully dedicated Uganda shop run as a communal business in Valencia, Spain, plus future project ideas all designed to assist you! Follow us and check out our Facebook pages for the latest news, events and promotions. Find out more about #JBOP by clicking here... Join The Ji-ai blackstar Outlet Programme

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